Saturday, June 20, 2020

New Map to be Added to Call of Duty Modern Warfare Appeared.

Since its release in 2019, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has had many maps from older Call of Duty games. According to new leaked information today, a new one will be added to these maps.
Since last year, many of the old Call of Duty games, including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, 'Shipment' map of Call of Duty 4, 'Rust' map of Modern Warfare 2 and 'Hardhat' map of Moder Warfare 3 fan favorite map was added. According to new information, the developer of the game, Infinity Ward, is preparing to add many new maps, which are the favorites of fans from old games, to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Multiplayer map of Modern Warfare 2, 'Highrise', will be added to Modern Warfare, according to the recently announced information of Modern Warzone, which leaked information with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in the past.

Although there is no exact date for when this map will arrive, it is thought that if this map was to be added in season 4, it would already be included in the descriptions of season 4. In this context, this new map is expected to be added in the 5th season closest to the game. So, like every leaking information about games, this needs to be handled with a certain level of suspicion.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Microsoft Shared The Comforting And Stretching Opening Sound Of Xbox Series X
Microsoft shared the opening sound of the next-generation console, Xbox Series X, from Xbox's official Twitter account. The opening sound of the new console, which appears to be the same as the opening animation in the Xbox Series X event announcement video shared on May 5, is more tense than previous generations.
He shared trailers of games coming to Xbox Series X at the Inside Xbox event that Microsoft held last month. Microsoft shared a 16-second video announcing the event before the event, where it introduced games to next-generation consoles.

In the video's subtitle, the background sound was labeled "a new Xbox sound," but at that time, it was not understood that this sound would be the opening sound of the new Xbox. Jason Ronald, chief executive of Xbox Series X program, later explained in an interview that we witnessed the start of the next generation and the video showed the real boot animation for the new console.

Xbox's official Twitter account shared the opening sound of the Xbox Series X, confirming that the sound we previously heard in the video belongs to the console's opening animation. The next-generation console welcomes users with a thrilling yet relaxing boot sound, while a large Xbox logo will shine on the screen. Then the main screen will meet us.

The start sound of Xbox Series X is quite different and much longer than the Xbox One boot sound. The Xbox account, following the tweet it shared the voice, said, "It's like a choir of game angels singing to your ears."

The Xbox Series X is scheduled to be released later this year. Although Microsoft explained the hardware features of the console, it did not reveal the net release date and price. Also, a new generation of new Xbox can join the Xbox Series X this year. It is said that a different version with a lower feature, without disk, called Lockhart is also on the way.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Pokemon GO Fest 2020 Comes With Some Important Innovations

Pokemon GO officials made new statements regarding the upcoming "Pokemon GO Fest 2020" event. Touching on some innovations that will come to Pokemon GO during the announcements, the authorities promise a more enjoyable gaming experience in the coming periods.
Pokemon GO, which turned into a big phenomenon around the world in the first periods of its publication, is still actively played by a wide audience. The game, which has become one of the indispensables of Pokemon fans, is also the scene of great events from time to time, and one of these events, called "Pokemon GO Fest 2020", which will be held on July 25-26, promises a fun experience for Pokemon fans.

Authorities have now made some announcements about the Pokemon GO Fest 2020 event and mentioned some improvements to be added to the game as part of these events. The authorities, who are currently focusing on 3 impressive innovations, seem to increase the Pokemon addiction of gamers a little more. If you wish, let's see what's new in Pokemon GO Fest 2020 and Pokemon GO.

According to the statements made by Pokemon GO officials, gamers will meet a new Victini pokemon in 2020. Although the officials did not go into detail, we can say that the Victini image we saw when introducing the logo of the Pokemon GO Fest 2020 is already excited for Pokemon GO players.

Another development that will excite Pokemon GO players is "Mega Evolutions". How to use this feature, which will give Pokemon a temporary transformation, is currently unknown. This feature, which the authorities mention implicitly, seems to change the Pokemon GO experience.

Another innovation in Pokemon GO is Farfetch'd's galarian form. The new form, which is also shown by the authorities, reveals that Farfetch'd will have some new features. However, officials unfortunately refrain from giving details once again. In addition to these, two new costumes are coming to Pokemon GO and players can access these costumes as of now.

Fortnite Episode 2: Season 3 Released.

Epic Games released the trailer of Fortnite Episode 2: Season 3, after an impressive in-game event that 'sank' the vast majority of the game map into the sea. In the new season where DC's famous superhero Aquaman will also be, we will see that the iconic map of the game has changed significantly.
Due to the ongoing protests in the USA, Fortnite Episode 2: With a release date of 11 June, Epic Games officially launched the new season with many surprises today. So you can get into the game immediately and enjoy all the new features.

Fortnite Episode 2: Season 3 follows the device event called “The Day of Judgment of Midas,” which took place on June 15 and flooded most of the Fortnite map. As players try to get used to the new flooded map, they will try to face the dangers that await them.

In the new season, there will be various changes, largely due to the new underwater map. There are now sharks that can steal your belongings in the game, but you can use them like a speed boat using your fishing rods. Players will also have to defend themselves against new bandits who land on the island and mean their lives.

Players will be able to produce their own unique umbrellas, from which they can personalize each piece from the start, by upgrading their levels and completing their missions. Epic Games says more and more locations will emerge over time as water retreats. Players will discover new ways of transportation when everything is exposed.

Fortnite Episode 2: Season 3 includes a variety of new outfits, including Celestial Sonia and Eternal Knight. Also, various summer-themed back bling and weapon skins and fun new dance expressions are other surprises waiting for players in the new season.
'New Pokemon Snap' Announced, We Will Try to Take Pokemon Photos on a Desert Island

Making an unexpected statement, Pokemon Company announced that it is working on a new game. Pokemon Company's new game is a remake version of Pokemon Snap we met in 1999. The game, called New Pokemon Snap, seems to offer a unique experience.
Pokemon legend, which covers most of the childhood of many of us, has come up with different games until today. Pokemon Snap, which we had the opportunity to meet in 1999, was one of them. The game, which was released for Nintendo 64 at that time, and which has driven millions of gamers, has just returned to us as of today. Pokemon Company officially announced its new game with the statements it made today.

Pokemon legend, which covers most of the childhood of many of us, has come up with different games until today. Pokemon Snap, which we had the opportunity to meet in 1999, was one of them. The game, which was released for Nintendo 64 at that time, and which has driven millions of gamers, has just returned to us as of today. Pokemon Company officially announced its new game with the statements it made today.

The new version of Pokemon Snap comes under the name "New Pokemon Snap" and at least for now, it will be compatible with Nintendo Switch. The new game, which has not moved away from its 1999 version, will offer Pokemon fans a unique experience. So what will Nintendo Switch users face in New Pokemon Snap? Let's look at the answer to this question immediately.

Published in 1999, Pokemon Snap was a game that could be played through the eyes of the first person. Nintendo 64 users are going to an island where Pokemon live and trying to take unique photos of Pokemon on this island. New Pokemon Snap will offer the same experience with more advanced and better graphics. We will go to a deserted island in the game and enter an adventure full of Pokemon.

Fans who had the Pokemon Snap experience had wanted the new version of this game to come over the years. However, the Pokemon Company has not made any explanations so far and did not even provide a hint. Today's announcements are a big surprise for Pokemon Snap fans. So what graphical experience will New Pokemon Snap offer gamers? A promotional video shared from the Pokemon Twitter account reveals the first look at the game.

It is currently unknown when the New Pokemon Snap is being developed for the Nintendo Switch. It is also unclear whether this game will be exclusive to Nintendo Switch or whether it will be distributed on other game platforms in the future. However, it is an unforgettable fact that Pokemon fans will look forward to this game.
According to a New Theory, GTA V will be in Liberty City on PlayStation 5

Liberty City, which was canceled after GTA V started to be developed many years ago, can be seen with PlayStation 5. A new theory that arises suggests that GTA V, which will be adapted to PlayStation 5, will come with Liberty City.
Take-Two Interactive, the roof company of Rockstar, the developer of GTA, requested the cancellation of the GTA V Liberty City mod, which was started to be developed by OpenIV in the past years. Liberty City, which was eagerly anticipated by GTA players when it started to be developed, is now back on the agenda.

A person using the bozidarilic username on Reddit claimed that GTA V, which will be released for PlayStation 5, may come with Liberty City expansion. Bozidarilic said that the GTA V trailer shown at the PlayStation 5 event did not satisfy the players, and that the Liberty City mode, which Take-Two had shelved in the past for this reason, decided to continue developing for PlayStation 5.

Bozidarilic claims that the PlayStation 5 expansion could be behind the Take-Two's letter to developers trying to move Liberty City to GTA V to give up. According to Bozidarilic, Take-Two does not want any legacy Liberty City mod to jeopardize the pre-PlayStation 5 mod.

Allegations that Liberty City could come to GTA V's PlayStation 5 adaptation were supported by a story shared by New York rap group City Morgue on Instagram. City Morgue recently shared a story for GTA saying they were working with Rockstar Games. People who saw the story of the City Morgue were hoped that Liberty City, a GTA V mod developed inspired by New York, continues to be developed.

It is currently unknown whether Rockstar Games, the developer of GTA, will really add Liberty City mod to GTA V. There is no official explanation regarding the claims of Bozidarilic. However, GTA fans are already curious about the Liberty City mode.
New Trailer in 8K Resolution from South Korean Made Zombie Movie Peninsula

A brand new trailer in 8K resolution has been released from Peninsula, a South Korean-made zombie action movie. Peninsula, the sequel of Train to Busan, one of the most successful productions of South Korean cinema exported abroad, has appeared with its new trailer in 8K resolution. The production, which will take place four years after the events in the first movie, will make its world premiere at the 73rd Cannes Festival, which will take place for the first time in the history of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The film, featuring Gang Dong-won and Lee Jung-hyun, was planned to meet the audience in July, but the uncertainties in the broadcast calendar caused by the coronavirus outbreak have led to the suspension of vision history for now.

On the other hand, Next Entertainment World, producing the film, announced that as soon as the screening date in South Korea is approved, studies will start for international markets. Cinemas in the country were reopened in the past month. Although the number of spectators was quite low before, there has been a significant increase in recent weeks. It is thought that the interest in movie theaters will increase with the introduction of more films in the coming period.

Offering a mix of 28 Days Later and World War Z productions, 2016 train to Busan had a box office revenue of $ 76.9 million in its homeland, and a total of $ 140 million worldwide. Peninsula, which is about four years after the first movie, depicts a new order in which the government was destroyed after the zombie outbreak in Korea.

In the film, shot with a budget of 8 million dollars, we will watch the tension-filled adventure of a soldier who must return to Seoul, where zombies invade for a vital mission. Director Yeon Sang-ho, who gave an interview to ScreenDaily in the past months, said the sequel would not contain the same characters as Train to Busan and would not directly follow the story of the first film.

Ambitious statement for PlayStation 5 games from Sony !
The number of people waiting for PlayStation 5 games is quite a lot. The new generation console, introduced on June 11, 2020, will also host special games prepared by Sony's studios.

Sony acts cautious for PlayStation 5 games
A statement from the Sony front drew all the attention. Japan-based firm thinks that games like Horizon: Forbidden West and Marvel’s Spider-Man will bring all the capabilities of PlayStation 5 to the fore.

In this context, Sony showed a special interest in the special games prepared on behalf of PlayStation 5 and stated that these games are more important than ever. The pressure on game developers is increasing day by day.

Sony closely follows the productions developed by the game studios. In this context, nine of the 28 games shown in the related promotional event were developed in Sony's own studios. These games can only be played on PlayStation 5.

14 of these productions are among the games specially prepared for PlayStation 5, but these productions are also said to be released for the PC platform. So what did Simon Rutter say about this topic?

Simon Rutter, who works as an administrator on PlayStation, thinks that games should make the most of each other with PlayStation 5. Rutter wants game developers to discover all the features available on this console.

Rutter, working at Sony's European branch, said for Gran Turismo 7: “This production will benefit from every technological infrastructure that exists on PlayStation 5, with a few exceptions. Boot times will be shorter. ”

"Thanks to the 3D sound feature in our console, you will be able to hear the roar of a Ferrari and perceive the difference between a Maserati's engine and this roar."

“When you drive your car using the DualSense controller, you will feel the difference between a smooth racing track and a gravel-filled racing track. Pressing a soft accelerator pedal will make you feel differently than pressing a hard brake pedal. ”