Tuesday, December 10, 2019

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU(OreGairu )

It is a comedy anime called "My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected...". The story is about a boy called Hikigaya who is asocial. He doesn't have friends. But his ideas are very interesting. Story begins with his homework. His teacher says that he should think different and get some friends. But it isn't easy for him. So teacher makes him to join in a student club.
This club is about people who needs help. And when Hikigaya learn this he tries to exit. But then he finds himself in a condition which makes him to join a competition. The loser will do everything the winner say. So he has no chance to lose.

During the story club students help lots of kids. All of them use their own methods. The winner will be someone who helped most. Then Hikigaya starts to get friends. If you love romantic animes, try this one. Also comedy scenes are great. But i prefer his real words who affects to watchers a lot.

With Hikigaya there are 3 students in this club and 2 of them are girls. You can feel a little romantic condition among them. Watchers say that they should be lovers. But we can't know how it will end. For now it has 2 seasons and an Ova. The season 3 will be relased too. But the bad news is that there wll be no season 4. Hikigaya made this story very interesting. That's why i liked this anime so much. Other characters has their own features too. One of them is Yukino Yukinoshita who is a beautiful girl. She has her own ideas and she thinks Hikigaya is wrong for his methods.
And our last member is  Yui Yuigahama who is a cute and funny girl.

Actually, all of us want to know that what will happen, if Hikigaya win. What about others? What's their wish? And if there is love among them, Who will Hikigaya select? Every episode teaches us new things and Hikigaya dialogues make you think about the concept.
If you are searching for a good anime, stop searching and try this one. In the end you will be waiting for season 3 as i do. The real name of the anime is Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteir. Also you can search for OreGairu  too. You will get the same result. Have fun.

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