Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Why Dota 2 is the best multiplayer online game

Dota 2 is the best multiplayer online battle game of the world. Game is the new version of the first game called Dota. There are more than 100 heroes you can you. All of them have their own stores and specialities. You can ask what is the differences among Dota 2 and other online games. Firstly, all heroes are free. You can select and use freely all of them. Game has very high graphics. This game is a performance game. It means everything is depend on you. You can win with any hero you use. Every hero is useful. But controlling some of them is very hard. There are some characters in game which only professional players can use them
This hero is Invoker. It has 10 skills and lots of combos. If there is an Invoker in a team and that player can control it, you can hardly win that game. His skills are very useful and he can do almost everything.

This hero is Meepo. Using Meepo is equalent to using 4 heroes. Because his ultimate creates a new Meepo. So you have to control 4 heroes. All of them has their skills. So you have to control lots of thing. This hero can kill almost every rival. Because everythime you are 4 vs 1.
It is my favorite online game. My favorite heroes are Night talker and Ark Warden.

Night Stalker is a hunter hero. In the end of the game you can hunt everyone in the darkness. With right items he can be the strongest.
Arc Warden is very strong hero. When you unlock his ultimate you can have a second Arc Warden. But controlling 2 heroes is very hard.
Game is free on Steam market. If you want to play an online game, try it.

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