Sunday, December 22, 2019

Why should play Life is Strange

Life is Strange is a game which you can change the story. Our main character is a girl called Max. And she a power which allows her to control the time. She can go back to the past and change the story. If we can give a tag to this game, that should be a drama tag. Everything you do can change the story. And when you do a mistake you can go past and change the story. You can save a person. Also you can create a bad condition.

Our story begins with an accident. When you enter the girls' bathroom you see a 2 students are fighting. You watch them and then you see that the boy has a gun and she kills the the girl. You can't say that it is a spoiler. Because as you can see this happens in the beginning of the story. When you that the girl is dead you decide to save her. So you use your power and go past. The ironic side of this scene is that the girl is childhood friend. And then the important scenes start.
The story looks fine in the beginning. But then you see that the school you study has a dark mystery. The girls who study here disappear randomly. There is no information about these girls. After some accidents you start to solve the mystery. You get messages from a unknown person which are threatening messages. But that doesn't stop you or your friend.
The guilty ones who are responsible for girls are someone who you can't guess. Also the mystery is more than you think. I the end of the game you have to decide the ending of the game. You have 2 options and all of them are horrible. I can't say that the game has a happy ending or a bad ending. But you can cry after playing. Everything you did and everything you changed was right or wrong. You will decide. If you want to write live a real story, this game is for you.

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