Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Why you watch should Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is a legend in anime world. Anime is about magicians who go to adventures everyday. This is a comedy, magic anime. Story starts with a girl called Lucy enters to a group called Fairy Tail. These people go to adventures for money. All of them are magicians and have their own spells. Also their dialogues and fights are very funny. Lucy is a soul magician who uses soul keys for calling souls from another world. She finds Natsu and Happy before entering to Fairy Tail. Natsu is a fire magician. But he doesn't only creates fire, he can eat fire too. Also he has dragon powers too.
The fights between magicians are very cool and awesome. We can see drama in some episodes. Also there are some mysteries in our story. One of them is Natsu. And all mysteries are solved in the last episodes. This anime is on top best anime series of the world. If you ask which anime series are longest and best, i can say that Naruto, Fairy Tail, One Piece and etc. In anime our magicians learn new spells, they become stronger and they find new firends. Some scenes are very dramatic and it can make you upset. But the most dramatic thing about anime is that the anime ended. All Fairy Tail characters have their own characters. Poeple love all of them. In anime you will laugh at the discussions between Natsu and Grey(Ice magician).
If you have time for this anime, try it. It has more than 300 episodes. But worth it! You will like it. It has a motivational song. You can listen to it when you are bored.

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