Sunday, December 8, 2019

Why you should play Bioshock

It is a legendary game for every player. The whole story of a game is a mystery. And you can learn the truth in the end of the story. In game we have a character who enters a new world under the water. Then he wants to exit. But he isn't alone in that place.
The place he entered was a heaven for people some years ago. In this heaven there was no difference between people. Everything was for sake of people. Everybody was equal. That was a heaven without crime, religion and illness.
But as you know every beautiful thing ends. People finds something under the water. The thing they find gives them power. So people start to fight and kill each other. This heaven becomes a hell.
In the game you can use some skills which is supernatural. That's very cool and enjoyable. You can use some weapons too. But shooting electric or fire skills are very enjoyable. The best side of the game is that you can decide what to do. Just like kill the girl and got more power or save the girl and get a little. Also you can select kill a person or allow to live.

The mystery of the game was very unexpectable. There are some signs on the walls and photos. Maybe you can find the truth with looking at them. But every episode has its own decisions and maybe you can find new skills while searching. In the game you can upgrade your skills or weapons. Some weapons are very enjoyable but not as skills are.
Bioshock is a game series. It means it has other games too. And you can buy it from Steam. There is a funny story between fans and Valve. There are 3 games of Bioshock in the Steam and they want the 4th game. They say that Valve can't count after 3. The company knows only 1, 2 and 3. Then Valve says that maybe you want us to release game after longer time. The comments in the Steam are very funny. But after finished the game i played Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite. All of them were great. Maybe you can take a look.
Playing Bioshock isn't waste of time. You will be upset when you finish the game. But if you can't understand the mystery after finishing the story, you can search it from Google. Maybe it will make you think about your decisions in the game. And you can play the game again with new decisions just for learning the other ending. Just like if you selected allowing to live, this time kill all of them. The story will be changed.
Here's your trailer. Take a look!

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