Friday, December 27, 2019

Why you should play Darksiders 2

Darksiders series are continuing from the last point. Our story is about a horseman called Death. After he comes to earth he tries to find his brother. In the end of the first game War (another horseman) calls all horsemen to the world. So you want to find him. But the way you have to pass is very dangerous and there are lots of portals. And the gate is full of demons.The only choice you have is killing them. You have a few friends and lots of enemies.
 The second game is 10 times better than the first game. You visits lots of worlds. Also you travel in the timeline. Lots of boss fights and super skills are waiting for you. There are lots of differences between two games. In first game you have a few weapons. But in the second game you can change your weapons. So lots of combos you can do. Also there are lots of skills and abilities you can use. My favorite skill was Ghouls which allows you to call some guys for you. Also game has some extra episodes. For new weapons, extra story and extra xp you can play.
In the game you have to be a champion. You will learn a few about Death's past. The stories are very awesome. Tere are lots of hidden things in the game. But finding and completing them is almost impossible. In the game you do lots of mistakes. But also you save lots of friends. Sometimes victory wants a victim. Play the game and see what i want to say. Have fun!