Friday, December 20, 2019

Why you should play Darksiders

Darksiders series is a legend in the gamers world. For the story this is a old but gold series. You know the story of the horsemen. Story says that 4 horsemen will come to earth in the Doomsday. The there is a relation between these stories. Our main character is a horseman and his name is War. The horseman of the war.
In the story you comes to earth. And you see a war between angels and demons. But humans are very weak. So they can die very easily. You starts to joins to the fight. But you see that everybody tries to kill you. But there is a problem here. There are 4 horsemen. But only one of them was called to earth. Who called him? And why the fight between demons and angels started? But you can't learn this. Because you lose your power and find yourself in another place after an accident.
After the war everybody accuse you to start the war. But you are the innocent one. So you have to fight for finding the guilty ones. But there is a problem about your body. You lost your power. You can't use your skills. Then the best part starts. After missions or saving enough souls you can get new skills, new abilities and another special powers.
When you learn the truth of behind the war you try to do something about it. You try to fix everything. During the game you will face with lots of bosses and hard missions. But all of them are very enjoyable. I played the first game 2-3 times. And after finishing the game i was upset. There was only one thing to do. And i finished the second game too.
Darksiders series has 4 games. The first game is the origin of the story. How everything starts is the mystery of the first game. Second and the third games are about the other horsemen who are your bothers(one of them is girl). If you are looking for a game with a good story, start to complete this legendary story.

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