Monday, December 9, 2019

Why you should play Dead Space

For horror game lovers this game is gold. The game is a little old. But graphics are enough nice for playing. The story is about a man who visits a giant spaceship for fixing the problem. But he doesn't know what is the problem or what is happening there. The only thing he thinks is his girlfriend.
Before entering that spaceship something goes wrong and they enter that spaceship hardly. After entering they see that almost all people are dead and others are mad. They want to learn what is happening. Then they start to fight with aliens for escaping this spaceship.
In the game you will try to fix everything. But your priority is your girlfriend. But everything goes wrongly and you start to learn who are these aliens and how you can kill all of them. You start to fix the spaceship.

The best side of the game is you can use lots of weapons and you have some devices which are very enjoyable. You an upgrade them. And after some episodes you can get a new suit. You fight in airless condition and sometimes you enter the cosmos and fight without gravity.
Actually, i played this game 2 or 3 times and after finishing i was a little upset for finishing it. Dead Space is a horror game. But it has another games too. Other Dead Space games are adventure series. In the first Dead Space game you will be scared sometimes. You know that feeling when you walk and then a dead enemy jumps to your head or catches you hand for killing you. Then you scream.It happened to me lots of times.
In end of the game you will see that nothing was an accident and everything was planned by someone else. But can't understand anything. You are searching for someone who can help you. Then ending of the game made me confused. Because i didn't expect an ending just like that. And i was upset for our main character too. When you learn why you were there and why everything happened you understand that you were very lucky.
Without spoiler telling the story is very hard. But i can say that if you like to solve the mysteries and like to feel the fair, stop wasting your time and play the game.
Here's your link. You can download it from Steam. Take a look at the trailer.!

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