Sunday, December 15, 2019

Why you should play Undertale

There is a fact that this game is the most psyco game of the world. The whole game is the real fun. All scenes, all dialogues, all fights are very funny and enjoyable. That's why this game got so much reward.
Undertale is a game which doesn't  have high graphics or 3D system. Game is 2D and it is more likely a Arcade game. All characters has their own specialty. This game is gold for real gamers. Game has 2 different endings. And there is a mystery about the game which will make confused.
During the game you can fight, run or mercy. The real gamers are the one who won this game without killing anyone. But it is almost impossible. Because winning the game with only playing and talking is very hard. You will see lots of betrayal characters in the game. And sometimes you will have to select your own way.
In the game i got an episode where i had to solve a puzzle. My enemy explained me how to solve the puzzle. Then i had to solve it. But it was very hard and i don't think that i could solve it. Then he asked me that did you understand. I said "no". Then he explained again. So he asked me again that did you understand. I said "no". Then this repeated itself a few times. My enemy became angry and told me that get lost. Then i passed that episode without solving the puzzle. That's the best side of the game. You don't have to obey the rules. Create your own rules.
Fighting or just playing can be hard. But the music of the game can always makes me relaxed. I remember an episode where i failed more than 10 times. I wasn't angry. Because even playing the game was enjoyable for me. Then i learned that i didn't have to kill that guy. I could run as a real man. So as a culture of man i ran from that monster. With more than 100 soundtrack game is awesome.

Your mission in the game is escaping from the land monsters. But in the end you will learn that who is your real enemy. And your enemy is someone who you can't guess. As an advice never trust someone in Undertale. Game is on sale on Steam and the price is very cheap. But trust me this will be a game which will make you play 2-3 times again and again.

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