Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Why you should watch Darker Than Black

The story of this anime is about people who has supernatural powers. These people are called contractors. But they have some limits. They have to do something after using their powers as a payment. These payments are different and some of them are very painful.
Our main characters work for a secret organisation. They get missions and do it. All of them has a purpose with thier jobs. But they have no chance for betraying or leaving.
One of the main characters is Hei who is a contractor. He is very special. Because he is the only contractor who oesn't do any payment after using his power. He has a mask. So what is his power? He is a electric user. Also he has strange knives for killing. His fight scenes are very cool and maybe this character made this anime so popular.
Another character is a girl who acts like a toy. She doesn't speak or doesn't do anything without any order. But she has a great power. She can search and find someone or something very easily. Her name is Yin.
Another character is a cat called Mao. Actually, he was a human. He is a contractor too. And his power is transferring his mind to a animal body. But one day after entering a body of cat he loses his body. Now he has to live in other bodies.

If you are searching for an anime with good fight scenes and lots of drama, Darker Than Black is for you. Anime has 3 seasons. The story changes in every season. And you can't say that it has a happy ending or not. In the end of the 1st season watchers can't understand what happened. Also it happens in 3rd season too.
Anime ended in 3 seasons. But if you look at the manga version, you will see that there is no relation between manga and anime. Both of them has their own endings. You can decide which is better. But i think that game needs a season 4. Because it was great and there are some mysteries which should be solved.
After finishing all episodes i am still listening to its songs. Every season has great opening and ending. But season 3 has its won place. I will give a link for my favourite one. If you have free time, you can watch this anime. Maybe it will be your favourite one.

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