Saturday, December 7, 2019

Why you should watch Dororo

It is a new anime which is a new adaptation. Actually, this isn't the first time this anime released. But new adaptation is 10 times better than the old version. The story is about a boy who lost most of his organs and body parts. His father is a samurai lord who has lots of problems. He has lots of enemies and his people are dying day by day. He says that i must do something for saving my people and be a great lord. So he creates an agreement with 12 demons. If demons save his land and give him power, they could get everything they want.
After the agreement demons steals the body parts and some organs of his baby. So the boy has no legs, no skin, no eyes, no arms and etc. His father says that kill that boys. But his servants can't do it.They save the baby. When this baby become a little older he decides to get his organs and body parts back. His mission is killing all demons for getting those parts. Every demon got a part from his body.

After learning this his father decides to kill him for saving the agreement. But his son is already a great warrior. He starts to slay all demons. During the journey he finds a kid called Dororo. That's the name of the anime. Dororo was one of the best anime series of this year. So if you are searching for something which can make you excited, here is your anime. Some parts of this anime can make someone very upset or angry. Also we can't say that anime ends with a perfect ending.
 The opening song of the anime is very beautiful. It will make you addicted. You can take a look. If you want to watch the old version, never mind it. Because this is better for quality. There is difference between the story. In this new version there are 12 demons. But in the old version story there are 24 demons.
But there is something which is unchangeable. That's the father of that kid. Which father can sacrifice his son to demons? The answer is "The father of the year". Anyway, after watching the anime i became upset. Because the anime ended and i want more episodes. As an advice add Dororo to you watching list.
Take a look at the opening. Maybe you will watcher after listening to this.

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