Thursday, December 26, 2019

Why you should watch One Piece

One Piece is the best anime for sales on the world. Also it is the longest anime of all time. It has about 1000 episodes. And it hasn't finished yet. The story is about prates. They all have different stories. But some of them want the biggest treasure of the world. Our main hero is Luffy. Who wants to be Pirate King. So he has to Find the biggest treasure called One Piece. But there is no information about One piece. People love Luffy, Zoro and other characters for their powers and their movements. But there are only 2 guys which will make you addicted to them.
Luffy is someone whose power is flexibility. He can shape his body. Also he has other skills too. In the story people who eat devil fruits get a special power. But if you eat 2 devil fruits, you will die. Luffy is a real living comedy. He wants to be a Pirate King. That's why he searches One Piece.
Zoro is the most loved character of the anime. He can use 3 swords. He is one of the strongest characters of the anime. He can cut a ship with a cut. He is fastest and there is a few people who can fight with him 1vs1. But he has only 1 weakness. He has navigation problem. He can't find anything and if you tell him "Zoro go to South", he will go to North. The problem here is that the last pirate king said that only Zoro can find the treasure.
This anime is loved by comedy too. But there are lots of mysteries which aren't solved anyway. It can be long. But you will be addicted to it.

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