Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Why you should watch One Punch Man

One punch man is a comedy-action anime. The story is about heroes who tries to the save world. But there are lots of heroes. And all heroes have their own classes. Just like D, C, B, A and S class. S is the best class and only the strongest heroes are in S class. Our main character is Saitama who is the strongest. He can kill anyone with a punch. He is fastest and strongest. Also his story is very funny. He was a normal man. But one day he saved a boy from a monster. Then he started to sports. After a long time he became so strong. That's the funny side of the story. He gets his power with normal sports. Running, push-ups and etc. But he loses his hair. That's what makes him sad. One day he find a man and saves him. He is Genos.
Genos is a half human half robot. He tries to save humans. But when Saitama saves him he wants to be a student of Saitama. And calls him as Master. Every episode is very funny. Also dialogues and accidents are funny too. But action scenes are super. Even after finishing the anime people watches these scenes,
That scene was very awesome. Genos upgrades his body and wants to fight. But Saitama doesn't use his real power. Season 2 was released. You can watch this anime if you want to see real power. The last episode of season 1 was so awesome that we watched it so many times. Try this anime. Be sure you will like it. Have fun!

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