Monday, January 27, 2020

Anime review Trinity Seven

    It is a comedy, magic anime. Trinity Seven is one of the funniest anime series you can watch. The story is about a boy called Arata Kasuga. He was just a normal student. But after accidents he had to enter a magical school. Here he has to learn how to control his powers. There are seven girls who are the strongest persons of the school. They are called Trinity Seven. All of them are powerful and has their own spells. This anime will make you laugh a lot. Because our main character is a real pervert.

    In the beginning Arata doesn't know something about magic. That's why he has to train. Arata has a magical book which can be a cute girl. After some days Arata learn that he has enough power for destroying the world and there is a great power inside him. But he can't control it. Some people says that his destiny is destroying the world.
    The anime is great for comedy lovers. Also there is a movie too. If you can wan to laugh a lot, take a look. Also the opening of the anime is great.
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