Friday, January 3, 2020

Can you watch Anohana without crying?

    This is one of the most heartbreaker anime of time. Also there are lots of videos just like "can you watch Anohana with no tears? " The story is about a girl called Menma. Everything looks normal when you watch the first episode. When you see Menma you think that she is a normal girl. But the problem is that she is a ghost. She died when she was little and couldn't enter to heaven. All of his friends became older. But she didn't change.
    One of his friends can see her. But he thinks that it is onl an illusion. She is dead. But then he learn that she is a real ghost. The reason why only he can see her isn't clear. But his friends don't believe him. There is only one regret that boy has. When Menma was alive kids asked him that does he loves Menma or not. And his answer made Menma upset. After her death he had a regret for that accident.
    After all kids learn Menma they try to help her to go to heaven. They try to make her last wish true. But Menma already forgot her last wish. They try to do everything. Actually, some episodes made me cry a lot. And i can say that if you love drama, you have to watch it. That's the first anime which made me cry and that's why it is special for me. The story of Menma, the lives of his friends and their reaction of feelings were awesome. This is a gold anime for me. It has a movie. But you should watch 11 episodes first. Have fun and cry a lot! Listen to the song of the anime. That's awesome.

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