Thursday, January 9, 2020

Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious review

    This anime was released in 2019 and i just finished. That's one of the funniest isekai anime series of all time. This anime is differ from other isekai anime series. In a isekai series people summon a hero from another world. And the hero start with level one. The mission of the hero is saving the world. It always happens in a normal isekai anime. But this time the hero who was summoned is very strong and strange. And the one who summoned him is a goddes who is useless for him.

    He is so cautious that he can think about all probabilities as a sick. When he enters the armor shop he want 3 armors instead of one. And befor saving the world he trains a lot and more. He just trains instead of fighting with demons. His dialogues and fights between Goddess and him are the best side of the anime. He is so unlucky that when he enters the other world for saving he meets one of the 4 generals of the Demon King. His mission is killing the Demon King. But their story goes with funny moments. When he gets 2 allies he says that you are took weak and i don't need you.
    It is true that the anime is comedy and isakai anime. But last 2 episodes aren't so funny. Actually, when you learn the truth behind the hero you becomes upset about him. Last episode was one of the most dramatic episodes you can watch. Even i cried at the end of it. I didn't expect an ending like that. Actually, i think it should a new season. Here's the ling for the opening of the anime.

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