Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Hatred game review for game lovers

    This a story of a person who hates humanity. All the thing you do is just killing. You want to destroy the humanity. You hate everything who is alive. During the game you have some missions and majority of them are about killing. During the game you will have to face with police and other enforcements. You have to kill them too. Run and kill or hide and kill. You have to kill everybody you see.
    Some killing scenes are very awesome. You can do last hits with knife or last shot. Game is very enjoyable. Also it is a little difficult thanks to the police and other enforcements. There are lots of weapons you can use and some grenades which are different and useful. During the game you think about how to kill all humans and then you find it. You want to kill all of them at the same time. That's how fun begins.
    Without spoiler i can say that the way you find is very difficult and efficient. That's why you fight with everything you have. Hatred isn't so long if you are a good player. But at the end you think that it could be longer or it could continue.

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