Friday, January 10, 2020

Why you should play Inside

    It is platform game which you just move to the end of the game. Inside is a simple but meaningful game. The game looks like a puzzle. If you want to continue, you should solve it. In some episodes you should be quick and in some episodes you should just use your brain. The story and the meaning of the game makes people think.
    In the game you see horrible things and you try to escape from humans. The horrible side of the story is that you can't even find a normal human. All you see is people who tries to kill you and others who are only slaves. In the story you see that some humans are slaves and they are controlled by other humans. It looks like future. Humanity is a slave of strong people.
    In an episode you discover a lab where scientists do horrible things on humans. You try to do something about it. All the things you see is horrible. Then you see a big machine which there is a monster inside it. Your fist job is entering to inside it. Then your humanity changes. Without spoiler i can say that the ending episodes of the game is insane and very weird. And the ending scene of the game makes people to think about freedom. If you love Limbo, you will like it more. The same company created both games.

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