Monday, January 27, 2020

Kengan Ashura Anime review

    It is a great masterpiece fight anime which was released last year. We can say that it is the best anime series of Netflix. After the first episode you will be addicted to this anime. The story is about the fights between big companies. But they don't fight directly. All companies have their own fighters. And the winner becomes the person who controls the rules. Our main character is Ohma Tokita who fights for revenge. 
    Ohma is a great fighter who uses Niko style. He starts to fight with other Kengan members' fighter for entering the Kengan Tournament. His priorty is revenge and he says that he will beat everyone who think they are strongest. When he was young his master Niko was killed by someone. He tries to find and fight. That's his priority. In Tournament he faces with lots of strong fighter. All of them has their own fight styles. And Ohma uses only Niko style. The winner of the Tournament will select the new president of the Kengan. That's why all companies hire the strongest fighters of the world.
    For me it is the best fight anime i have ever watched. I feel the energy of the characters. Their fight are great. I can say that that's all motivation for me. All fight scenes were great. Also nobody knows who is stronger or who will die. This anime can you that the power isn't only muscles and faith can make you the winner.

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