Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Kingdom: Classic for strategy game lovers

Kingdom: Classic is hard and enjoyable strategy game. The game is very simple. But it so hard that you have to play very cautiously. During the whole game your job is just collecting gold, spending gold and collecting people. The graphics of the game is pixels. That's why you can download it in 3 minutes. But i have to say that there are a few people who could win at the time. You collect people for making them warriors or workers at the beginning. But every night monsters attack you. If they gets you, they steal your crown and you lose. Also there are some mystic building in the game. They gives you a very big advantage for fighting.

The whole game is about destroying the portals. Portals are building which monsters use it for coming to attacking you. That's why you have to destroy them. But there is a big problem about it. You can't attack to that portals very easily. For destroying them you send your warriors. But when you attack them monsters start to attack to you too. After destroying a portal lots of them tries to get you and steal your crown. That's why you have to get lots of warriors.
For strategy game lovers this game is gold. Even i failed 5-6 times and all of my games lasted more than 2 hours. I can't say that it was waste of time. Because i enjoyed a lot. Try it and destroy all portals.

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