Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Ori and The Blind Forest review

Ori and The Blind Forest is a story game. The story is about a forest where lots of souls live. There is a soul tree in the middle of the tree. And we can say that that is the spirit of the forest. But one day something attacks to that tree. Then all souls and the forest start to die. Everything looks horrible and every soul loses their powers. But only one soul called Ori saves from that accident. But he has no power. Then someone finds Ori and gives him a home.
But after one day Ori has to save the tree. That's why e has to heal the soul tree and get some power. During his journey Ori finds some soul powers which are belongs to the souls who died in that accident. Ori collects their power and learn their stories. When Ori becomes stronger he starts to heal soul tree with getting elements.As you know our elements are water, earth, air and light. Then you start to complete your missions. After every element soul tree becomes better. But you aren't alone in the forest.
Your enemy who attacked to the soul tree and killed your friends is Kuro. During your journey Kuro tries to kill you. That's why you have to escape. But you have no power for killing Kuro. So it make your mission more difficult. And when you see it, you have to hide.
Some scenes can be hard. But you will enjoy every episode you play. The graphics of the game is very high. That's it looks so amazing. Also there are lots of soundtracks which makes the game enjoyable. The music of the game is so beautiful that you can't be angry or upset, even if you die. In the end of the game you learn the truth of the accident. Why did Kuro attack to the soul tree? There are some mysteries and a secret place. Second game released too. But i will share after playing it. In the first game your mission is saving the forest.
As i said the music is great. Take a look! That also a trailer. Have fun!

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