Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Outlast review for horror game lovers

Outlast is one of the best horror games of all time. Age doesn't matter. You will be scared anyway. The story of the game is about a journalist called Miles Upshur. You get a message from a person who says they there is a problem in a hospital.That's why you want see that place. After entering the building you can't escape from that building and you see that all sick people looks like monsters. You can't understand they are dead or alive. It look likes a horror movie. Some of them are different. They are stronger and more horrible.
    This is Chris Walker. He is one of the strongest ones. And as you can see he lost his mind. He doesn't even look like a human. During the game all you do is running and escaping. But Chris Walker wants to kill you. If he catches you, he kills you with his hands. You will hate him so much. During the game he will not stop following you.
    This is Richard Trager who is a real monster. He love torturing. You have to escape from him. If catches you he cuts your fingers. That's why you have to run and save yourself. But he is so fast that you can't run easily. For exiting from the building you have to get the key.
    Actually, there is a mystery of this place. All people are sick and they do strange things. The reason of it is that scientists did horrible things to them and after an accident all of them became mad. And from the beginning you weren't alone in this building. There is something invisible which everybody afraid of. Do you know what is the most horrible side of the game? The game was created according to a real story. This place is existed. All people in this game was once alive. But they lost their mind.

    This game has a DLC. If you want to see the real story just play it. The original game is only %80 of the game. If you say that i am brave enough, you can do it. Outlast also has a second game. As i always do i will share the trailer again. Have fun and and be scared!

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