Saturday, January 11, 2020

The legendary anime:Death Note

That's a legend in anime history. For the story and the meaning of the anime it got lotsof rewards and fans. Death Note is story of a man who tries to create a new world. But the way he walks is very dangerous. The story is about a boy called Yagami Light who is a normal person. He hasn't got any special powers. But he has a notebook called Death Note. The power of Death Note is that when you write a name in it that person will die. You can decide how that person will die or when will die. That's the power of it.
Light kill lots of criminals and the world start to change. People start to fear. But police and other organizations try to catch him. Other people think that he is a savior. Let him continue to make our world safer. But he gets a very strong and clever rival called L. There is a war and competition between these 2 people. The world calls Light as Kira. Light never shows his face. But he isn't alone too. There is death angel called Ryuk who is the owner of the Death Note. He just want to watch what will happen next.
That's our story. The war between Kira and L. The war between the one who thinks criminals should be punished and the one who wants to catch him. Every episode is very exciting. You will learn the reason why this anime is a legend. But as an advice never watch the Netflix version. You will hate it. I repeat "Never". Also the opening song of the anime is a masterpiece for me. Try it!

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