Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Wolf Among Game review

    For the story lovers this is the best game they can play. Because all stories you listened when you was a child are in this game. The story is their lives in this timeline. And our main character is Bigby who is the bad character of the "Wolf and 3 Pigs". But in this game he is our hero who is the sheriff of the city. He protects and helps our story characters. You can ask that how these characters hide from the real world. They can use magic for hiding. If you are a character in a story who isn't human, you can look like a human with magic. But something happens in this city. Some of them start to be killed. That's why you have to find who did it and punish him.

    The best side of the game is that you can select what to say and what to do. You can change the story as you wish. Everything in the game isn't as it seem. And not everyone is your friend. You can see "Beast and Beauty" characters in the game too. You can help to people or you can ignore. You can arrest or kill in the game. You should select wisely. Because if you kill, people will hate you. But if you don't kill, they will try to do bad things again. Game has 5 parts and lots of mysteries. As an advice being good isn't always the right thing in life.

    Looking like a human doesn't mean that you are a human. Don't forget that you are the Big Bad Wolf. When you fight you have to use your powers. Trust me this will be the greatest transformation you have ever watched.
    Actually, the producer company of this game wasn't active for a while. We can say that it was a bankruptcy. But the company got power and started to make a games again. It seems like we will get The Wolf Among 2. After finishing the second game i will share it too. But i just finished the first game and i have to say that it was great.

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