Sunday, January 5, 2020

Why Northgard game should continue

    I just finished this game and wanted to share with you. This a strategy game with a good story called Northgard. The story begins with a disease. You are the son of a king. But one night some people attack to your clan and kill all people except you. Because you play dead for saving your life. Then you swear that you will get your revenge. Than you start to get lands for being the king of Northgard.
 In every place you go you start to make everywhere yours. You start to build building which has a important role for your people and your clan. But not all people accept you as their king. That's why you have to fight and show them your power. Some missions can be hard. But you don't give up and say that you will get your revenge. But there is a mystery about your revenge. Why they killed your father?
  In the game you see that some parts of this game is about mythologies which is about Odin, Thor and etc. That's why it makes your story exciting. After learning the truth behind your father's death you start to your real mission which is about saving everything. I played the game mostly in extremely hard mode. That was great. I failed lots of time. But i liked it. But story should continue. Because in the end you want to see what will happen next. I think you should take a look too. Because at the moment it has discount on Steam.

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