Thursday, January 2, 2020

Why you should play BioShock Infinite

    Now let's talk about the last game of the BioShock series. This is the best game of this series and it is 10 times better than first game. This time you aren't under water. Actually, you are in the sky. You have a mission to find a girl. But what are you doing and why do you do this? The whole game is a big mystery. Everything you did and everything you will do is a part of this mystery.
    The girl you see is Elizabeth. Your mission is bringing her. You do this for paying your debts. But who is she and why she is so valuable? In the story you fight for her. This time there are not Big Daddies or strange creatures. You enemies are robots and humans. But you can use some special powers again. New skills, new abilities, new enemies, new weapons and etc. are waiting for.
    In the game sometimes you can see strange dialogues. You do strange things in the game. But there are super fights with giant enemies. And in some episodes you can use lanes in the air for traveling. That's one of the most enjoyable thing you can do in a game. In the game your memories aren't complete. Also you can't understand why you do this.
    You fight in 2 worlds. One of them is yours. That makes the mysteries unsolvable. But all i can say that you aren't a normal person. But you are wrong from the beginning. In the end of the game after travel between these worlds you start do understand everything. But the majority of players can't understand everything in the end. Even i couldn't understand the ending episode. Then i searched the whole story. That was amazing. Creating a story just like this is awesome. You ca take a look at the trailer.

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