Saturday, January 18, 2020

Why you should play Darkest Dungeon

    Darkest Dungeon is one of the hardest strategy games of all time. The full game is about winning the hardest dungeons which are red points in game. It s a 2D game which looks like a normal life. During the dungeon guests warriors can afraid, can be hungry, can get depression and etc. That's why this game is very hard. For making your heroes fighting at red points you have to make them level 6 which isn't so hard. All of them has their own skills and own items. Your priority in the dungeon is avoiding from depression. Because if depression degree become 200, your hero gets a heart attack and die.
    All heroes are special. But you have to select the right one for the missions. You can win with only a great strategy. You have to get their items for making them do their best. You need to create your own strategy and take the right items before entering to the dungeon. You can think that everything is simple. But there is a few people who win this game. Even if you can enter the red points, depression can kill all your heroes. If you think that you can return from that point for saving your heroes, forget it. Because you have to sacrifice one of them.
    Actually, the original game is great. But there are lots of DLC you can use. There are lots of strong heroes you can add to the game. They can help you win very easily. But if you are a real game, try to win without DLC heroes. That's harder.

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