Saturday, January 18, 2020

Why you should play The Forest

    It is a survival game which you stuck in an island. Everything looks like an accident. But this island is a little different. There are lots of weird creatures on this island. This game is very realistic. You can be hungry, thirsty and etc. You have to survive first. But this island has lots of mysteries. You have to build places and get weapons for protecting yourself. In the nights these monsters attack you. If they defeat you, don't be scared. They will just tie you in a cave. Then you can run again.
    You can combine some items and create some weapons. Also with the skins of the some animals you can get a weapon. There are some items on the island which are hints for your mystery. You can think that you had just an accident and your plane crashed to earth. But this is also a mystery. Why did plane crash suddenly and what are these creatures? If you get the right items which will help you at entering to the caves of the monsters. You have to fight and get the way of finding the hints. In the end of the game you will 2 option. Both of them are terrible. But you have to end this.
    You can play The Forest with your friends. 4 players can play together. Actually, winning alone isn't impossible. But it is very hard. The advantages of the playing together is that some you can get food and water or build homes for you and others can fight for getting hints. Don't forget that it is horror game too. And think carefully about two options in the end of the story.

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