Saturday, January 18, 2020

Why you should watch Attack on Titan(shingeki no kyojin)

    This is one of the best anime of all time. The story of the anime is about the war between humans and Titans. So what are these Titans? They are giants. They just attack and eat humans. They are almost undefeatable. They are 20-30 times bigger than humans. That's why humans lives behind the very high walls. Our main character is EREN JAEGER who wants to kill all Titans. Because Titans ate his mom and destroyed his home. That's why he joins to army for killing them.
    He and his friends start to fight and kill Titans. But it is very hard. Because for killing Titans they have to cut their necks. If they don't kill Titans in time, Titans start to heal and fight again. There is a mystery of this anime. Who are these Titans and why they attack to humans. In the story there are some humans who can transform into Titans. That's why humans need stronger weapon. In the story Eren gets power of being a Titans. He transforms and fight with another Titans. For using his power he beats or hurts his a body part. Just like beating his hand he actives his power.
    But there are still lots of mysteries for solving. Eren has a key and he says that this key will help us. But firstly he has to go to his old home. He fights with other Titans with special army. In this army there is a character which people love him more than other characters. He is Levi Ackerman who is the coolest guy in this story. 
    Anyway the story is great. And fight scenes among them are great. If you are searching for a great anime, stop scrolling and start to watch.

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