Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Why you should watch Kekkai Sensen

    Kekkai Sensen is a great anime. The story of the anime starts with an accident. Our main character is Leonardo Watch who was just a normal boy. In the story he comes to Hellsalem's Lot to help his sister. Everything about him looks normal. But he has special eyes. One day he was taking pictures of his sister. Then a monster came and said that who will be giver. Her sister said that she will be. Then that monster stole her eyes and gave special eyes to Leonardo. Those eyes are called God's eyes and now Leonardo can see everything which we can't see.
    For finding a way for getting his sister's eyes back he joins a secret organization called Libra. All member of this organization has their own special powers and special techniques. The majority of them uses blood techniques. Their leader Klaus saves humans and stops disasters. In this city humans and monsters lives normal. But there are some creatures who want to destroy the world. Leonardo's eyes can see their weaknesses.
   The drama and the action of the anime is very high. Lots of cool fight scenes are waiting for you. If you watch, this can be your favorite too. In the end of the first season you will be upset. And i cant say that everything ends with happy ending. Leonardo is a great character which will make you love the anime.

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