Thursday, February 6, 2020

Basilisk Anime review

    Basilisk is a old anime series which is one of the best anime series of all time. The story is about a war between 2 clans called Kouga and Iga. These two clans fights so many years and nobody know the reason of war, But one day they join to a competition for solving their problem. According to the rules both of them will select 10 ninjas for fighting. But from the beginning they don't fight regularly. The competition turns into a kill or be killed. All ninjas has great powers. They have very special techniques. If you watched Game of Thrones, be ready for the real drama. The fights of the anime are very bloody and you can't say that who will be the winner.
    It is one of the best ninja anime series of all time. The problem here not everybody wants to fight. The leaders of both clans lover each other. That's why they don't want to kill each other. Every episode makes you surprised. From the beginning you can't say that which technique is stronger and who will die.
    It also has a new season. But you can't find the drama and the action as in the first season. Only last episodes have drama. For ninja anime i can say that watch Samurai Champloo. I will share that later.

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