Monday, February 10, 2020

Basilisk Season 2 review

    Basilisk  is one of the best samurai-ninja anime series of all time. After sharing the first season i wanted to share the second season. After watching i can say that it is not so great as first season. Yea there are ninjas, samurais and great fight styles. But this isn't so bloody as the first season. Also you can see a little drama in the first 20 episodes. Last 4 episodes have drama. But i can say that this time anime can get a better ending. If you hate the ending of the first season, be ready for second raund. In first season the fight styles of ninjas were great. All of them was insane and great. But this time our characters are kids in the first episodes and their ninja techniques are trash. Just imagine a ninja using a gun. Is this even a ninja style? Or just a man creates giants with illusion power? Isn't this so overpowered?

    Again we a couple who are our main characters. They look like the first main characters called Kouga Gennosuke and Iga Oboro. But this time our heroes are Kouga Hachiro and Iga Hibiki. Come on mangakas... You can do a better story than this. First season was gold, a masterpiece. But i dont make you to watch this. But still you can learn other part of the story.

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