Thursday, February 6, 2020

Dead Space 2 review and Gameplay

    The story continues from the last point. The first game Dead Space was a horror game. But this time horror and adventure we can say. In the first game our items and armors were limited. But this time we can get all of them freely and almost everything is unlocked. That's why game is more enjoyable. Also the story part is more. That's why it looks ore interesting. We can use new devices in the space. There is a mystery from the beginning. First mystery was about the Marker. But this time you don't even know what happens or where you are. Every looks strange and you see illusions after you completed you mission about Marker. But there is something about you. Everybody wants to kill you.
    After finishing the first game i couldn't hold myself and i started to play the second game. I share my gameplay on Youtube.

    You can look at the full story here or just play and see yourself. But as an advice just use video for the parts you can't pass. For me Dead Space 2 is a masterpiece.

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