Saturday, February 29, 2020

The developer of PUBG apologized for the problems of the game

The developer of PUBG apologized for the problems of the game. PUBG CORP says that in last months there are lots of problems about this game. There are lots of problems and lateness problems. The developer is busy with solving these problems.
Of course, there are lots of reasons for these accidents. But the developer says that the main reason is the  DDOS attacks. If you don't know what is DDOS, i can say that it a simple hacking. That's why you get connection errors in multiplayer games.

 PUBG CORP shared some comments on Steam which is about problems. The developer says that they know everything about these problems. And they are sorry for what's happening. They are trying to do everything for fixing. But there is something which is their fault. In game somethimes players can pixel problems. You can't play and nothing moves. The developer said that it isn't related to DDOS attacks. But they will fix it.

They said that they are trying to have system for DDOD attacks. That's why be ready for ping problems. Also the developer got support with other teams for fighting with cheaters. In this month the attacks started again.
We know that these aren't the only problems in this game. But the majority of players are busy with PUBG MOBILE. Game is free and has lots of players. For players mobile users mobile version is better and more enjoyable.

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