Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Black Widow postponed according to the Coronavirus

This year our new Marvel planned to release the new movie called Black Widow. But this time this movie postponed according to the Coronavirus too. This isn't the only movie which postponed. Lots of Netflix series, Warner Bros movies and series, show programs and etc. postponed too.
Last time i shared that Stranger Things Season Shots 4 Canceled Due to Coronavirus. But this time it affected to our movies too.

New releasing date isn't announced. But all we can say that this virus killed our hearts too. Actually, lots of movies are postponed. But one of them is very important. That movie is FAST and FURIOUS 9. And this film postponed for 1 year. Fans of FAST and FURIOUS are mad at this point.

What about other movies? Disney postponed other movies too.  Mulan, The New Mutants and Antlers are just some of them and none of them have official announcements. If we consider these too, i can say that we will wait more.

If you think that we have other series for watching, think again. Because Disney+, Netflix and other series are cancelled or postponed too. But we will not able to watch other Marvel series too.
I think we have to respect all actors and directors. I mean their health is more important than their jobs.

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