Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Call Of Duty Mobile Zombies Mode

The company of Call Of Duty  called Activision had an announcement about Call Of Duty Mobile Zombies Mode on Reddit account. They said that this mode will be removed from the game. Because the result of this Mode didn't satisfy them.
As you know Call Of Duty Mobile has 3 Modes. They are Zombies, Multiplayer and Blackout. The company says that the quality of game isn't enough for players. For now you are free to play it. But on 25 March it will be removed from game.

The company says that they announced what will happen to this Mode in the future from the first game of this Mode. Now it is time for removing it. It is true that the company didn't say that when it will be removed. But they gave a chance for this Mode. Also the map called Nacht Der Untoten will be removed too. The company says that if they change their mind, then the map and Mode will return. But for now their priority is Ranked Games and Battle Royale
Okay guys, now i ask. What do you think about this matter? Did you like this mode?

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