Sunday, March 8, 2020

Deadpool weapons on FORTNITE

One of the best Battle Royale games has two surprises for players. This time according to the information we will get 2 weapons which are from Deadpool movies.
This weapons were found in game documents and it seems real. And if it is true, we will get 2 super weapons. One of them looks a normal weapon. But other one looks more excited. That's the same weapon as the in the movie.

So who found it and what are they weapons? the founder is Spedicey1 on Twitter. And the weapons are MistyBop and Deadpool’s Dual Pistol. Of course, it is the information shared on internet. All damages of weapons change according to distance. Closer you shot more damage you do. So the damages are 4336.5532.25. And the reload time is 2,7 seconds.
But there is information about MistyBop. All we can say that the reload time is 5 seconds.
Okay guys, what do you think? I can't say that this information is official. Bit almost all information about Battle Royale games happens.

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