Monday, March 2, 2020

Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo released for PS4

After waiting so long Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo is ready for players. You can the first episode of the game. Let's see what Square Enix made for us.
As you know the Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released in next month. But they made a Demo version for players who waited long time for this game. But not everybody will able to play the Demo version of this game. Because this is available for only PS4. And it is free for players.

So what can you do in the first episode? In the first episode you can complete a mission called Mako Reactor 1. Also you can try the new fight system with Cloud Strife and Barret Wallace.
There is a great news for players. If you download it before 11 April, you will get a free theme. And if you think that playing Demo version is meaningless, you should know that you will able to play the last point in the real version. So you don't lose any time. Actually, you are the winner here. The size of it is about 7.69 GB
So be ready for downloading it. Because first players will see the first episode first. This game will be in the other platforms. 

For me it is better to play all games in PC and PlayStation. Everybody deserves to play anything they want. But unfortunately, this game was released in 1997 for PlayStaion. What do you think? Write in comment section.

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