Thursday, March 5, 2020

Marvel Future Revolution Trailer and Details

Marvel will release new mobile game called Marvel  Future Revolution. After so many announcement the trailer also released too. This time Marvel released it with Netmarble.
I know that you think there are lots of Marvel games. Why do they release more and more. Almost every type Marvel games released but still working on other games. But this time it is a little different. It is a role-play game. As you know in the PAX East event Marvel announced it. Now thanks to the trailer we can know this game better.

In the game we will able to use lots of characters. As you will use the same powers as in the movies. Game has a great main story. All superheroes are trying to stop a problem.
We will see lots of characters. In the beginning DOCTOR STRANGE, CAPTAIN MARVELSPIDERMAN and etc. as good guys team. In the bad guys team we have GREEN GOBLIN, RED SKULL and other guys from movies and comics. This number will increase in every updates.

In the story our main mission is protecting the main world. I said main world because in the story all universes and worlds fights. And we are an agent in a group called Omega Flight. And during this period we have to collect more superheroes for saving the main world.
Let's see the trailer!

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