Saturday, March 14, 2020

Stranger Things Season Shots 4 Canceled Due to Coronavirus

Yesterday after the Donald Trump's announcement some shots of Netflix series cancelled for a while. Some of them are platform series just like Netflix and other ones are from big sectors just like Warner Bros. But the new about Stranger Things broke our hearts.

As you know Stranger Things has 3 Seasons and all episodes have great stories for us. But after the last Season people started to feel more excited according to the mysteries. Now all of us waited for new stories. After the Season 3 people started to think that they will learn more about our favorite characters. But now they have to wait for getting answers of their questions.
The reason of this accident is Coronavirus. On 16 March all shots will be stopped for a while. The company says that they will stop it for at least 2 weeks.
If you think that it is bad, let;s think about Warner Bros. More than 70 series and movies are cancelled and stopped for a while. Also show and content programs are cancelled too. We gave to wait for 2 weeks.

Donald Trump says that they have to do something about it. TV programs aren't the only things which cancelled. Also fights are cancelled too.
You can think that why it is happening. But maybe we should think about more important things. Our health and our family is more important as you know. And 2 weeks isn't so much time for waiting.

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