Friday, March 13, 2020

The Coronavirus on Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

All of us know this game. Today thousands of people are busy with walking for getting Pokemons. Pokemon Go makes all people (even lazy people) to walk around. But at the moment Coronavirus is a problem for people. That's why Pokemon Go has a new update for players.

Today nobody can walk around without mask. Even mask can't help us. That's why the game studio Niantic has an update for players. They changed mechanics of the game. Because the map of the Pokemon Go is the real map of the world. 
Pokemon Go map

The company says that they will create the number of maps and will do some changings on maps. Today people have to walk some kilometres, enter places where lots of people visit or climb somewhere. Because the developers want to make people feel like real Pokemon trainers. But now it is very dangerous. That's why new maps will be for places where a few people visits or the number of people are very low. 
Pokemon Go eggs

Just imagine that you walk around, there are lots of people around you and you are trying to get a Pokemon for your collection. Can you say that you can take that risk?
You can ask that so what you can do with your Pokemon eggs. The company has a plan for it too. As you know there are 3 types of eggs you can get for getting a Pokemon. For getting them you have to walk about 2 km, 5 km and 10 km. That's why with new update you will not have to walk so much. And getting a Pokemon from an egg will be 2 times faster. They will increase the speed of it 2 times. That will help about walking problem.

As an advice i am telling you that stay at home guys. And don't worry about this Coronavirus so much. Because more than %80 of people who died are old people. And other people are kids who are very little. If you are young your immunity is higher than other people. That's why the number of young people who died is very very little. And having Coronavirus in your body doesn't mean that you will die. It will make you sick. But that doesn't mean that you will die. So take care of you and be careful about hygiene.

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