Monday, June 15, 2020

Apologized for Racist Character Design

The racist character design comments that came to Little Devil Inside, which was introduced recently, have activated the developer studio. The studio said that their aim was not to produce racist judgments and that they would change the design.
One of the games introduced at Sony's PlayStation 5 event last Thursday was Little Devil Inside, developed by South Korean developer Neostream Interactive. In the publication titled The Future of Gaming, many games to be released on PlayStation 5 were announced and Little Devil Inside was able to come to the fore immediately thanks to its aesthetics.

After a short while after the game's promotional video was released, some viewers noticed the racist character designs in some of their enemies that appeared for a short time. People began to talk about character design, similar to racist descriptions drawn for blacks through social media platforms. Developer studio Neostream apologized and said they would change the design.

Neostream Interactive Business Development Manager John Choi apologized to Polygon and said, "Our aim was not to create racist stereotypes." Choi announced that this enemy design would be modified.

Choi said the characters were designed as the guardians / guards of a mystical region in the world of Little Devil Inside. The developer stated that there is no reference to African or African American people and their purpose is to create colorful masks.

Choi said that Neostream will remove the rasta, change the thick lips, differentiate the skin color and change the black blowing pipes to be less like drugs. Choi also said that the character design will be completely changed and such an event will never happen again.

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