Saturday, June 6, 2020


You know DOTA 2 as one of the best online games of all time. But now it has a new version and this version is very different from normal version. It called ARTIFACT. It is a card version of DOTA 2 and there is no so much relevance between 2 games except the heroes. Both games are strategy games. But they differ from each other for their game system. In DOTA 2 you can control your hero. You use combos, items and etc. So you can see action and fantasy. But in card game the only thing you must do is thinking. Think, do and win. You can play with your friends. Also there will be some tournaments which you can win very high prizes. Both games are created by VALVE. This online game can be real fun. If you have played YU-GI-OH! card game, you can understand the game. The heroes of both games are same. Game Can be new but it has lots of players. Game is a little expensive. But worth it to play. Let's look at together!

Game looks very cool and enjoyable. There are lots of combos you can use. Also you can get rare cards from tournaments and you can be the best player. But let's be honest. The original DOTA 2 is always better. Playing and killing your rivals are the real fun. If you want to play a card game where you can use combos and lots of characters, you can play YU-GI-OH! For me it is the best card game. The opinions are very complicated. So players liked the game and others say that DOTA 2 is better.But it can be different for you. You can try and see which game is better. Have fun!

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