Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Call of Duty Warzone increases the number of players!

The game, which has been constantly updated since its launch and has added new features, is home to millions of players. Call of Duty Warzone 200-person game mode has leaked visually recently.

Call of Duty Warzone is on the agenda with 200 player game mode
The company, which made statements about the fight against racism in the past days, stated that racist players will not be able to enter the game again and will not apply the filter system against the name change.

Limited to 150 players, Warzone will increase the limit for Plunder mode and standard Battle Royale mode, which aim to make quick money. The Juggernaut mod was finalized with Season 4, but there was no explanation about the Battle Royale 200 and Plunder 200 mods.

A Twitter user has discovered 3 different game modes for Battle Royale that have not yet been released. The user who shared the screenshot said that the Br 200, Plunder 200 and Br juggernaut modes will come.

The modes mentioned in the left part of the shared image can be clearly seen. Although there is no explanation made by the company, considering the regular update to the game, this claim is more likely to be true.

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