Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Fortnite Episode 2: Season 3 Released.

Epic Games released the trailer of Fortnite Episode 2: Season 3, after an impressive in-game event that 'sank' the vast majority of the game map into the sea. In the new season where DC's famous superhero Aquaman will also be, we will see that the iconic map of the game has changed significantly.
Due to the ongoing protests in the USA, Fortnite Episode 2: With a release date of 11 June, Epic Games officially launched the new season with many surprises today. So you can get into the game immediately and enjoy all the new features.

Fortnite Episode 2: Season 3 follows the device event called “The Day of Judgment of Midas,” which took place on June 15 and flooded most of the Fortnite map. As players try to get used to the new flooded map, they will try to face the dangers that await them.

In the new season, there will be various changes, largely due to the new underwater map. There are now sharks that can steal your belongings in the game, but you can use them like a speed boat using your fishing rods. Players will also have to defend themselves against new bandits who land on the island and mean their lives.

Players will be able to produce their own unique umbrellas, from which they can personalize each piece from the start, by upgrading their levels and completing their missions. Epic Games says more and more locations will emerge over time as water retreats. Players will discover new ways of transportation when everything is exposed.

Fortnite Episode 2: Season 3 includes a variety of new outfits, including Celestial Sonia and Eternal Knight. Also, various summer-themed back bling and weapon skins and fun new dance expressions are other surprises waiting for players in the new season.

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