Saturday, June 13, 2020

In-Game Images of 4K Resolution of Halo 3's PC Version Revealed

Developed for PC with the partnership of Microsoft and 343 Industries, Halo 3 has been available to some players as a closed beta in recent weeks. Nowadays, screenshots of Halo 3 in 4K resolution have been shared from the closed beta.
We will start seeing all the games of the Halo trilogy, originally released exclusively for Xbox, on PC very soon. Microsoft and 343 Industries, working to bring the Halo trilogy to the PC, offered Halo 3 to some users as a closed beta. The screen shots at the highest settings in 4K resolution started to come from the players who experienced the game in beta on PC.

The main story of Halo 3 proceeds briefly as follows: Master Chief returns to end the war between people called 'The Great War' and the Covenant race. With all of the world's defense mechanisms destroyed, Master Chief is trapped in Gravemind with his AI-assisted assistant Cortana. In the midst of this chaos, something is discovered on Earth that can change the entire course of war under the African deserts.

Halo 3 PC can be played in 4K UHD resolution and HDR:

Halo 3, which can be played in 4K resolution and HDR on PC, will also support gameplay with mouse and keyboard, as in the series' other PC games. If we come to the game online side, players will be able to meet other players globally with their friends on 24 different maps. For the PC version of Halo 3, it is not right to expect a lot of graphics quality from the game, since there is no 'remaster' operation as in Halo and Halo 2. But still, the resulting screenshots can be seen that the game still offers a good image quality at 4K resolution and maximum display settings.

It is not yet known exactly when Halo 3 will be available. But according to estimates, Halo 3 closed beta bug fixes will be available as of the end of this summer.

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