Saturday, June 13, 2020

IO Interactive Releases First Screenshots of HITMAN III

Developer IO Interactive shared the first details and official screenshots from HITMAN III, which was first announced at the PlayStation 5 event on June 11. HITMAN III, which is expected to be the last game of the trilogy, is expected to be released in January next year.
HITMAN III, developed by IO Interactive, was shown for the first time at the PlayStation 5 event held on June 11th, where many new games were shown. Now, IO Interactive has released the first official screenshots and details of the game. HITMAN III, which will be the last game of the assassin trilogy, will also end the story of Agent 47.

The director of the game, Mattias Engström, says that HITMAN III will be much darker compared to other games in the trilogy and will contain some surprises above the basic HITMAN experience. According to the statements, HITMAN III plans to offer players unique freedom in a world that reacts to everything they do.

HITMAN III will serve as a platform for the entire trilogy. Thus, players will be able to import their locations in previous HITMAN games and play more than 20 locations in the trilogy in one place.

The story of the HITMAN series:

The HITMAN series, which first appeared in 2000 with HITMAN: Codename 47, is undoubtedly one of the most popular game series in the game world. We focus on the story of Agent 47, who has been trained to be a completely professional assassin since his early ages in the series, which develops every day with different games.

Brought into the world as a clone, Agent 47 is called by this name because it is the clone '47'. The company wants to set aside 47 after using it for difficult tasks for a long time. After this moment, we witness the ending of Agent 47's long-standing professional story and the birth of a personal character.

What is known about HITMAN III, whose development is undertaken by IO Interactive, as in other games of the series, is currently limited. As new information about the game, which is expected to be released in January 2021, we will continue to share it with you. Stay informed to be informed about all the developments.

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