Sunday, June 14, 2020

Legend Game Mafia: First Trailer of Definitive Edition Released

The first trailer of Mafia: Definitive Edition, the last part of Mafia Trilogy that we all await, has been released. The game will be on sale on August 28.
The official trailer of the highly anticipated final piece of Mafia Trilogy has also arrived. After Mafia II and Mafia III: Definitive Edition, which went on sale in the past weeks, the eyes were turned into 2K Games and we were curiously waiting for new information about Mafia: Definitive Edition, the last part of the series.

Describing the game's release date as August 28 after the leaks, 2K Games did not give us too much detail about the game and we only had a few screenshots. Moreover, although the leaked date was correct, we were not sure of the accuracy of all the images. With the trailer that came today, some curious questions about the game were answered.

Mafia: Definitive Edition was the first striking advanced graphics but this was already a detail we were all waiting for. Nevertheless, it seems to be a pleasure to replay a series we love very much with advanced graphics and innovations. According to the information from Hangar 13, which is also the developer of the game, every detail in the game has been reevaluated and designed

Hangar 13 worked meticulously without skipping any details to stay true to the game's original and critical points of the story. The published trailer also shows that they are extremely meticulous even in the details of their character designs. But of course there will be changes in the game. Again, according to reports from Hangar 13, the story of the game is 'almost' the same. So we can say that some new missions and new side stories will be waiting for us. Of course, the main curiosity is actually what these changes are.

The other two games of Mafia Triology went on sale about three weeks ago. For now, we leave the video below, which will satisfy the lovers of the series a little bit, until new details and perhaps a new trailer comes.

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