Thursday, June 18, 2020

Microsoft Shared The Comforting And Stretching Opening Sound Of Xbox Series X

Microsoft shared the opening sound of the next-generation console, Xbox Series X, from Xbox's official Twitter account. The opening sound of the new console, which appears to be the same as the opening animation in the Xbox Series X event announcement video shared on May 5, is more tense than previous generations.
He shared trailers of games coming to Xbox Series X at the Inside Xbox event that Microsoft held last month. Microsoft shared a 16-second video announcing the event before the event, where it introduced games to next-generation consoles.

In the video's subtitle, the background sound was labeled "a new Xbox sound," but at that time, it was not understood that this sound would be the opening sound of the new Xbox. Jason Ronald, chief executive of Xbox Series X program, later explained in an interview that we witnessed the start of the next generation and the video showed the real boot animation for the new console.

Xbox's official Twitter account shared the opening sound of the Xbox Series X, confirming that the sound we previously heard in the video belongs to the console's opening animation. The next-generation console welcomes users with a thrilling yet relaxing boot sound, while a large Xbox logo will shine on the screen. Then the main screen will meet us.

The start sound of Xbox Series X is quite different and much longer than the Xbox One boot sound. The Xbox account, following the tweet it shared the voice, said, "It's like a choir of game angels singing to your ears."

The Xbox Series X is scheduled to be released later this year. Although Microsoft explained the hardware features of the console, it did not reveal the net release date and price. Also, a new generation of new Xbox can join the Xbox Series X this year. It is said that a different version with a lower feature, without disk, called Lockhart is also on the way.

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